Decoration Ideas for 2018

The winter is coming to an end, spring is knocking on the door, the days are getting longer and all of those niggles you’ve been able to put to the back of your mind are coming back into sight. Spring is the perfect time to tackle those little jobs before the summer’s sun highlights them for all to see. Stripping your walls and giving them a lick of paint is a great way to update your rooms and bring them in line with 2018 trends, however the real trick comes with your soft furnishings. Reupholstering your tired furniture, changing your brown draping curtains and buying some new cushions could be the update your home desperately needs.

Replacing your plaster and reinvigorating your walls

Remove that old 1970s wallpaper, strip back the paint from the 1950s and fill those dents and cracks made in the 1930s! By stripping your walls back, boarding and re-plastering you will not only receive a perfectly smooth and even finish which is perfect for painting, but you will also be protecting your walls and rooms from damp moist conditions which would spoil all your hard work or money spent on painting and decorating. Once you’ve tackled your walls, you’re all set to start the fun task of choosing your soft furnishings.

Finding your ideal furnishings

Having an overall style in mind for your room is very important when choosing what soft furnishings to include. Whether you’re looking for a modern minimalist feel or a traditional patterned feature look, it is important to have everything fit with the overall design. At Monet Interiors we have a variety of soft furnishing designs, custom made for the forefront of 2018 popular design. We provide a wide variety of furnishings from curtains and pelmets to pillows and other upholstery, all with a modern selection of designs.

Take a look at our range of fabrics and design ideas, with concepts by Sophia.

Fashionable colours for your home in 2018

Edited from the original post by Sherwin-Williams.

To give you an idea of the most popular and fashionable colour schemes of 2018, we wanted to tell you about this insightful look into colour trends from Sherwin-Williams. This soft set of three colour pallets will transform your house into a warming and delicate assertion of modern living.

Take a look at the combinations below and think about the possibilities for your own home.

  • Unity:

 A bold depiction of your family strength.

  • Connectivity:

Subtle pastel like colour incarnation of affinity.

  • Sincerity:

A rare breath of liberation from modern impudence.