Importance of Soft Furnishings

Any design lacking textiles is bound to fail. Many spaces simply do not feel welcoming without some comfy cushions or flowing fabrics. Utilize textiles in these key areas in order to add a dose of personality and comfort to your space.

First, consider drapery. Curtains, valances and cornices all offer an opportunity to showcase a beautiful statement pattern. They also provide the chance to solidify a color scheme or alter the visual perception of the space. Floor-to-ceiling curtains help stretch the room vertically, minimizing any cramped feelings a lower ceiling may bring on. Among neutral surroundings, a bold curtain pattern is lively and important. As your personal favorite color or a seasonal theme for extra punch. Always remember to harmonize the curtain coloring with the rest of the space. This relaxing lake house starts with flowing drapery reminiscent of the ocean meeting the beach, and complements it with soft linen cushions, pillows and an upholstered ottoman.

Another important surface that should be enhanced with fabrics is the floor. Area rugs are available in countless shapes, sizes, colors and patterns,

it’s inevitable that you’ll find one which fits your vision. Whether you are softening a solid hardwood, or accenting a carpeted space, area rugs help define spatial uses and offer an outlet to express your personality. This colorful runner welcomes visitors into the home immediately and serves to delineate the entry space

Other ways to incorporate fabrics include: pillows, blankets and throws, and any upholstered item. Ottomans, accent chairs, cushions, and benches are all great applications for textiles to add to the room’s theme or coziness. Consider integrating soft furnishings into your space today, we think you’ll be glad you did – and we know your dog will!